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Metallographic Polishing Flannel

Product Serial:

Metallographic Polishing Flannel
Product Description
The structure and composition of the polishing medium directly affect the cutting performance of the free abrasive associated with it during the polishing operation. Therefore, LAM PLAN considers its ability to optimize abrasive work to obtain the best performance and quality. Examples of diamond abrasives distributed on different disc structures

#Can be pasted repeatedly
Product Specification
Polished flannel Color distinction feature Cooling medium/lubricating medium
2TS3 white Made of ultra-thin natural satin, as a follow-up process of CAMEO DISK SILVER&GOLD Use 3-6um chisel suspended liquid
3FV1 black It is made of short wool fiber material, which can be applied to unembedded materials, and has an ideal life span. The polishing performance on hard metals is also very good. Use 3-6um chisel suspended liquid
4FV1 red Made of long-staple fiber materials, used in a variety of materials, including very soft materials. Use 1-6um plutonite suspension or alumina suspension