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Torque Tester DIS-RL Series

Product Serial:DIS-RL05,DIS-RL2

Torque Tester DIS-RL Series
Product Description

Separate torque corrector

  • LCD 4-digit display
  • Data memory built-in
  • Auto Power off
  • Applicable for field operation M1-M4
  • Whether the upper and lower limit is set
  • USB output
  • Auto zero
  • Field work
Product Specification

Separate torque corrector

model DIS-RL05 DIS-RL2 DIS-RL6
Measuring range 2.0~500 mN・m 0.020~2 N・m 0.20~6 N・m
0.020~5 kgf·cm 0.20~20 kgf·cm 2.0~60 kgf·cm
0.020~4.5 lbf・in 0.20~17.4 lbf・in 2.0~54lbf・in
Precision ±0.5% (499 or less±3digit) ±0.5% (199 or less±1digit)
Measurement mode PP Maximum torque value during the test
TR Maximum torque value/track value during the test
PD Torque value at which the load torque drops instantly
C Output torque value about every 1/80 second
Means clear to zero After the set time is reached, the torque value indicated by reset to zero will be cleared
Compliance judgment function The upper and lower limits can be set within the measurement range (this function is only available in PP mode)
Transmission interface USB (baud rate 19200)
power supply Nickel-cadmium battery: 1.2Vx5pcs automatic shutdown function (no action for 10 minutes)
Charging/use time 3 hours / 12 hours
Appearance size/weight 100(W)x105(D)x40(H) / 510g