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Taiwan Nakazawa

Expert in hardness and metallographic sample preparation

Taiwan Nakazawa Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1988, and is headquartered in Zhonghe, Taiwan. It is a famous metal detection and analysis instrument company in Taiwan, which is famous for producing metallographic pre- treatment equipment, metallographic cutting machine, metallographic embedding machine, metallographic grinding and polishing machine and other high-quality and high-precision equipment in Taiwan. And agent sales service of the Japanese famous brand FUTURE-TECH hardness tester, the company since its inception, always uphold the concept of "honesty, sincerity, sincerity" concept, and for each customer analysis task to provide the best technical solutions.

Taiwan Nakazawa along the way to sell FUTURE-TECH Japanese professional hardness tester brand, but not only to trade as the main work, but from the daily needs of customers to the professional certification requirements of the category to do fine service, from customer selection, installation, after-sales service, professional training are tailored to each service stage, Help every industry customer can break through their own requirements. In metallographic sample preparation equipment manufacturers, to a great sense of mission, to create a series of metallographic equipment made in Taiwan, and promote to the world, fine small component testing until the preparation of super and large and industrial products, from the traditional sample preparation method to advanced technology way of sample preparation, we earnestly help force every customer in every quality inspection, To ensure the certainty of the results of metallographic inspection, and then improve the processing quality, improve efficiency, and get the trust of customers.

Business philosophy

"Honesty": We bravely face our shortcomings
"Sincere": We serve customers with heart
"Sincere": We do everything that is beneficial to customers down-to-earth