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History of Taiwan Nakazawa

Taiwan Zhongze Company was formally established, the general agent of Japan Matsuzawa Precision Hardness Tester
Tainan branch established
Taichung company established
The general agent of Japan Future-tech hardness tester for all series products
25 years of history
Guangdong Dongguan Dongze Instrument Co., Ltd. was established
Established the new office building of Taipei Zhonghe Far East Century Plaza as the corporate headquarters
Established Jiangsu Kunshan Fuze Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.
2008 Taiwan's general agent for French LAMPLAN metallographic grinding consumables series products
Established TN brand metallographic pretreatment manufacturing plant
Acting for the full range of Swiss PROCEQ hardness testers
Established Far East Century Plaza Physical and Chemical Experiment Exhibition Center
Mr. Hong Zhouhong, chairman of Taiwan Nakazawa, took over as chairman of the Taiwan Metal Heat Treatment Society.
The full range of TN brand metallographic equipment products received CE certification