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Automatic Metallographic Inlay Machine TNM-AX Series

Product Serial:TNM-32AX/TNM-40AX

Automatic Metallographic Inlay Machine-TNM-AX Series
Product Description
One Touch automatic sample preparation

The automatic sample preparation function can be turned on with only one button, abandoning the manual and semi-automatic design concepts, directly avoiding the sample preparation problems caused by human factors, and improving the intelligence to the highest standard in the Taiwan industry

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency do both

The TNM-AX series embedding machine has a built-in pre-heating function, which can be turned on during continuous mass production of samples, and can pre-heat the mold cavity, which can save energy and speed up the production efficiency.
Patented labor-saving packing mechanism

Different from the previous effort to align the mold of the filling mechanism, the new TNM's rotary down-pressing structure only needs to put the product and resin into the mold cavity, and place the handle against the patented positioning mechanism. The mold will automatically align. The filling operation can be easily completed by turning the handle locking device. And effectively avoid damage to the cavity and mold.
 Three steps

1. Put the sample and inlay powder

2. Turn the upper cover to the positioning device and lock it

3. Press the START button

Programmable module

Built-in four major production modes and 9 memory modules, according to the different characteristics of various metal materials and resins,
Performs the memory function of molding pressure, temperature, cooling time and other factors, and is compatible with various types on the market

Mode 1: widely used in most thermosetting resins

Mode 2: Thermoplastic resin, such as acrylic resin

Mode 3: Resins requiring segmented temperature and pressure control

Mode 4: Need to match the pressure compensation function with the target temperature resin

Volume control

Compared with the traditional equipment that uses electromagnetic motors as the embedded driving method, the new TNM is hydraulically driven.
The dynamic design has been innovated, and the frequency conversion control system is adopted, which can not only greatly reduce the volume, but also
The accuracy of the above has also reached a new height.

Security Mechanism

The whole machine has passed CE certification, and the safety of users is the first priority in every sample preparation process.
, The design structure and experimental data have passed international recognition.


The race against time for sample preparation does not allow excess sample preparation time to affect our results. TNM uses PID temperature control and cooling systems to maximize sample preparation efficiency. The special chamfer forming mold greatly reduces the workload of subsequent grinding.

Product Specification
project Model/Specification Description
form desktop
structure Anti-fouling fiber reinforced composite cover (FRP)
Mounting parameters size Ø32mm Ø40mm
greatest pressure Max. 4000PSI(280Kgf/cm2) Max. 3200PSI(224Kgf/cm2)
Pressure control system Frequency control pressure, oil pressure system
Packing mechanism Rotary down pressure
Quantity 1-2
temperature PID temperature control, 110-200ºC adjustable
Operation panel function Production mode 1. Full automatic pressure compensation (phenolic resin)
Second, pressurize during the cooling phase (acrylic resin)
3. Segmented temperature and pressure compensation (optimization of phenolic resin)
4. Pressure compensation when reaching the target temperature (acrylic resin optimization)
Function setting Preheating temperature, heating time, molding temperature, cooling time molding, pressure setting, power unit switching
Kgt/PSI temperature unit switch, temperature compensation, buzzer mode switch, sample quantity record, production module memory
Module memory function 1. Production mode 2. Sample preparation pressure 3. Sample preparation temperature 4. Holding time 5. Cooling time

ONE TOUCH automatic sample preparation
(1) Put in the sample and the embedded powder, and choose the production mode according to the demand.
(2) Turn the upper cover to the positioning mechanism and lock it.
(3) Press the START button to start automatic sample preparation.
(4) Automatic heating-pressure compensation-automatic cooling-buzzer prompt sampling-completion.
Pre-heating function can be turned on, which can significantly improve sample preparation efficiency
Security Mechanism Safe temperature protection It is not allowed to take samples out of the safe temperature, and the system will continue to automatically cool down by default
Emergency safety switch After the emergency switch is pressed, all functions stop
Overload protection The machine has a complete overload protection mechanism
Anti-scalding safety measures The locking cover mechanism is equipped with heat insulation device to prevent burns
cooling system The body cooling fan performs heat dissipation according to the control panel instructions
supply electricity Single phase 220V 60/50Hz
heating power Power: 1800W
Total power of machine 2400W
size W450*D695.5*H569mm
weight 82kg 83kg
Cooling water Tap water (circulating cooling water tank can also be purchased)
Water inlet diameter 3/8 inch hour (3 points)
Water outlet diameter 5/8 inches (5 points)
Cooling circulating water tank (optional) electricity Single phase 220V 60/50Hz
size W566*D425*H477
capacity 40L
weight 30kg
Cooling water Pure water add special water tank fine
Standard accessories Molding resin*1 can (500g), distribution spoon*1, funnel*1, inlet and outlet pipes 2M*2, release agent*1 can