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Handheld Hardness Testing System

Product Serial:Proceq Equotip 550+540

Portable Hardness Tester Equotip 550 UCI
Product Description

World-class handheld hardness testing system

Equotip 550Combined with dynamic Leeb Leeb, handheld Rockwell
Rockwell, ultrasonic Vickers hardness HV, is currently the world
The most comprehensive integrated solution in handheld hardness testing
Case, with a rich probe system, custom conversion curve, can be customized
The report and data are exported to the PC system, using three detection methods
Law provides superior flexibility.

Three test systems-can be built on demand

Leeb-heavy and large products or products with installed parts

EQUOTIP 550 leeb involves many different applications of the Leeb principle. Because of the adoption of seven different impact devices and 16 support rings, it is the fastest and easy hardness determination method, software wizard, test report, data transfer and other new functions Make hardness testing more convenient and cost-effective than ever.


UCI Ultrasonic Vickers-not easy to touch area

EQUOTIP 550 UCI is very suitable for the measurement of inaccessible areas (for example: welds, HA or difficult-to-treat surface structures). UCI measurement is fast and easy. Using our world's first UC measurement, with adjustable detection loads from HV1 to HV10, only one probe can cover a wide range of applications.


Handheld Rockwell Portable Rockwell-suitable for thin and light samples

EQUOTIP 550 Portable Rockwell is a static hardness testing solution, which is very popular in thin and light sample applications. In addition, it can be applied to almost all materials without special adjustments. It is increasingly used as a reference method for other measurement principles. The wide range of accessories makes it a versatile solution.


Three detection methods

Equotip 550 host can be equipped with three test principle devices, Leeb Leeb, Rockwell, Vickers UCI, breaking the limit of fixed hardness testing, single host


Forward-looking integrated solution

By combining multiple solutions to expand the scope of application, 100% portable and extremely flexible, available around the clock, to eliminate interference in production, reliable, accurate and standardized. A single host can achieve multiple detections without repeated purchases.


Leeb- Richter-

Principle: Based on dynamic (rebound method), an impact device with hard metal is pushed by a spring to the detection surface. When the impact device impacts the detection surface, the surface deforms, resulting in kinetic energy loss. By using the permanent magnet in the impact device To locate and measure V1 and Vr due to kinetic energy loss, the detected voltage is proportional to the speed of the impact body, and then the signal will be converted into hardness readings.


Portable Rockwell handheld Rockwell-dedicated to small parts

Principle: The traditional Rockwell hardness static testing method is used. During the measurement, the diamond probe is pressed into the test piece with an accurate control force. When the load is applied and released by the colleague, the depth of the diamond probe is continuously measured. The Rockwell hardness is calculated by recording the difference in penetration depth of the two loads during application.


UCI-Ultrasonic Vickers not easy to touch area

Principle: The same HV diamond probe as the traditional detection method, but without the need for optical evaluation, it can be quickly measured. By exciting a test rod to make it enter the ultrasonic oscillation, the passing force is 1-10kg, when the diamond probe When the material is pressed, the oscillation frequency of the test rod changes according to the contact area between the probe and the material to be tested. The instrument detects the frequency change and converts it into a hardness value, which is immediately displayed on the screen.


Economic allocation method

Suitable for a combination of single detection methods

Support users who do not need extensive reporting functions, provide basic functions, and a set of basic accessories, with Leeb D, or Vickers UCI, for portable hardness testing.