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Manual Metallographic Grinding & Polishing Machine

Product Serial:TNP-1020FR /TNP-1025FR/ TNP-2020FR /TNP-2025FR

Manual Metallographic Grinding & Polishing Machine Manual Metallographic Grinding & Polishing Machine
Manual Metallographic Grinding & Polishing Machine Manual Metallographic Grinding & Polishing Machine
Product Description
Storage space

Metallographic samples and tools can be placed to keep the desktop cool and avoid laboratory clutter

Strong and durable special structure

On the well-built cast aluminum base, the transmission unit of the university is assembled, which greatly increases the comfort of use, and can effectively absorb the vibration generated during grinding. Compared with the products on the market with cast iron brackets as the base, it can get better when grinding. Flatness, and reduces the noise in the laboratory.

Support quick disk change system

Compatible with all kinds of diamond grinding disc systems, one-piece cast aluminum disc surface, can stick fast magnetic
The adapter plate is convenient for quickly switching all kinds of grinding consumables, which greatly increases the application range of the equipment.

Easy to clean and maintain

The cleaning of grinding and polishing equipment often increases a lot of work in daily work. The new anti-fouling FRP shell is not only beautiful in appearance, but also convenient and labor-saving.
Cooling device

Non-steel ceramic spray hoses, invite top manufacturers of sanitary equipment in Taiwan, and combine different industries to focus on users
The new design is suitable for the special needs of metallographic grinding and polishing, including the amount of spray water, the angle, and it is very beautiful and

Custom grinding and polishing parameters

The waterproof membrane panel has 9 groups of grinding and polishing parameter memory functions, which can be called at any time according to different materials and requirements, and can be applied to different grinding and polishing needs. Including the setting memory function of parameters such as grinding head and disk surface speed, working time and so on.

Anti-clogging triangle waterway design

In the past, grinding and polishing machines had the problem that the waterway was blocked by the grinding consumables, in order to solve the problem
For a long time the user’s troubles, we have designed a waterway to prevent clogging and use the shortest waterway distance
And the angle and changing the pipe material can reduce the chance of blockage.

Automatic grinding and polishing unit

Redesigned the grinding unit group which is loved by Taiwanese users. Aiming at rigidity and ease of use, it creates a simple mechanism that conforms to the principle of metallographic grinding and polishing. It is easy to use, easy to operate and set. It is suitable for materials that need to be ground and polished for a long time.

Removable anti-fouling lining ( Optional )

Accurately fits the TNP grinder drain spiral inner groove design
Smooth surface is not easy to be stained with dirt
Easily removable Clean it thoroughly
The replaceable feature can make the machine still look new

Product Specification
project Model/Specification Description
Appearance structure Desktop (high-strength aluminum alloy base and surface hardened FRP chassis)
Operation panel Waterproof membrane type button panel
Grinding the surface 1 2
Grinding disc size 200mm 250mm 200mm 250mm
Features 1. The grinding schedule can be preset, and the grinding method can be standardized 2. It has 9 sets of memory scheduling parameters
parameter settings Steering, speed, time
Warning system Have
Grinding method Manual
Grinding speed MAX800rpm 60HZ/50HZ
Grinding disk motor specifications AC 220V 400W brushless motor
Water supply device Ceramic needle valve integrated forged faucet
Drainage system Natural drainage straight-through type does not block
Water inlet aperture 1/4 inch
Drainage aperture 1 inch
Total power of machine 500W
power supply AC220V single phase
Machine size W556*D652*H303mm W796*D726*H303mm
weight 36kg 37kg 57kg 58kg
Standard accessories Water sandpaper P600, P800, P1200*2 each, polishing flannel*2, 0.3um alumina powder*1 can (100g), drip bottle*1