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Large Automatic Metallographic Cutting Machine

Product Serial:TNC-255ASL/TNC-305ASL/TNC-355ASL-FA

Large Automatic Metallographic Cutting Machine -TNC-ASL series
Product Description
大型全自動金相切割機TNC-ASL系列,100%由台灣製造設計,打造適合金屬產業及科技產業使用。  MIT Taiwanese system

100% of the Taiwanese design team brings the top suppliers from various industries, and connects with experts in the field of professional metal manufacturing and the academic field of fashion to create a fashion cutting machine suitable for the use of the metal industry and the technology industry. It is widely used in scientific research institutions, Automobile industry, aerospace, metal manufacturing, heat treatment, etc.

For related fields: qualitative hardness, heat treatment technology research and judgment, carburizing and hardening layer thickness, induction hardening, welding area hardness, hard bonding, electrical parts observation related technology development and quality management and other pre-processing processes.

Bright and user-friendly operating space

The cutting room is the main area for the daily work of the operator. The new TNC re-plans the space size and lighting source according to the user's height and operating habits. The bright working environment can improve the efficiency and comfort of the user, so that cutting is no longer one. A boring and messy job.
Large fast and stepless slide fixture (TNC-355ASL)

The new fast positioning fixture combines high flexibility and high clamping force, which improves the safety performance for the clamping of complex products. The stepless slide rail design meets the requirements of different size products without repeated disassembly and installation of different fixtures. Maximum opening size: 210mm

Intelligent feed function (optional)

According to the cutting characteristics of different materials, the corresponding relationship between the current value and the cutting load is used to carry out anthropomorphic reciprocating cutting. This function can cut stronger and harder materials, and increase the life of the cutting blade, thereby reducing costs.
 小型高強度螺桿加力夾具(TNC200/230/255) Small high-strength screw afterburner clamp (TNC200/230/255)

It is a special screw afterburner fixture suitable for small products. It is cut and processed from a single piece of steel. It is strong and durable. After heat treatment, it is the best choice in terms of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Magnetic filter device (optional)

It can reduce the number of manual cleaning of the circulating water tank. And reduce the deterioration of cutting fluid caused by residues, prolong
Long service life, easy collection of residues, lower costs, and reduce the chance of blockage of the cooling system.

Maintenance convenience

In the TNC series cutting machine, the feed system is packaged in the stainless steel protection mechanism, which greatly reduces the maintenance rate. You only need to add lubricant ester to the feed screw regularly. You can also call the TN service phone to purchase regular maintenance services by dedicated personnel. System maintenance work.

  The whole machine has passed CE certification

How to ensure the safety of users is our priority. Regardless of electrical safety or daily cutting, we follow the international safety CE mechanism to escort the safety of users.

Automation function

In the automatic feed mode, the equipment will automatically sense the set end point of the feed.
After cutting, the stage will automatically return to cutting under the condition of ensuring the cooling function.
Cut the origin, and buzzer prompts that the cutting is complete.

The integrated LED anti-splash panel provides a wealth of function settings: adjustment of the feed speed
And display, function setting of intelligent feed, etc.

The feed hand wheel can be switched to automatic feed in one second, and the automatic feed starts by pressing the panel
Key to start the automatic feed mode.


All series use reinforced safety glass

Completely avoid the splash problem caused by various factors during the use of the cutting disc. The cutting room
The front observation window uses strengthened glass, which is not only safe, but also can be kept clear all year round, ensuring that the
Clear sight during the process can improve work efficiency and ensure the success rate of cutting samples.

Consumables compatibility

The TNC cutting machine can be compatible with the relevant consumables of major international brands and has a high degree of compatibility. You can freely select suitable metallographic consumables according to different cutting needs and tasks. Please consult our service personnel for the specifications of consumables

Product Specification
project Model/Specification Description
structure Standing
Transmission system form High efficiency induction motor belt drive mechanism
horsepower 3 HP (60/50Hz) 5 HP (60/50Hz) 7.5 HP / 10HP (equipped with frequency converter)
Spindle speed
2670 (60Hz) 2250 (60Hz) 1980 (60Hz)
2640 (50Hz) 2230 (50Hz) 1980 (50Hz)
Cutting sheet specifications Outer diameter of cutting disc Ø255mm Ø305mm Ø355mm
Inner aperture of cutting disc Ø31.75mm Ø31.75mm Ø31.75mm
Sample clamping Fixture type Thread locking fixture
Opening distance adjustment Slider to adjust the distance between movable jaws
Locking method Thread locking, tool adding force
Fixture opening Maximum 123mm Up to 210mm
Left and right displacement Maximum 50mm (handwheel adjustment) Maximum 40mm (handwheel adjustment)
maximum height 82m 84mm 101mm
Total swing length 500mm
Control System Panel form IP55 waterproof grade button control panel
Features LED digital display board: 1. Feed speed mm/min 2. Load current ampere value A 3. Life record 4. Intelligent feed reciprocating times
Automatic feed speed adjustment
Manual automatic function start and stop
Intelligent feed function setting (optional)
Cooling system function start and stop
Complete the three modes of buzzer reminder: 1. Turn off 2. Unlimited buzzer reminder 3.30 seconds buzzer reminder
Magnetic filter system function start and stop (optional)
Feeding device Tool setting method Visual or (optional laser tool setting device)
Manual advance and retreat Use advance hand to lose
Automatic feed Freely set the feed speed and cutting end point, automatic feed
Auto retract After the worktable reaches the cutting end point, it automatically returns to the cutting origin at full speed, and then the buzzer prompts
Smart feed Optional (Smart current reciprocating cutting, please refer to the description of smart feed)
Manual/automatic switch Patented manual automatic integrated knife feed and manual input (switching time is about 1 second)
Workbench stroke 300mm
Lighting device Type IP67 high brightness LED lamps
Safety function System self-protection function In addition to passive overload protection, self-protection function (load upper limit) can be set
Current overload The feed function stops and the worktable returns to the cutting origin
emergency button In an emergency, press the emergency stop button to stop all functions
Observation window Safety tempered glass
Door safety device Lift up the slide rail, air pressure support and anti-pinch
After closing the hatch correctly, the spindle function cannot be started
Spindle action stops when opening hatch during operation
Overload protection Set the overload current and motor overload protection device
Cooling device Water tank capacity 80L 80L/* 200L
Circulation pump 1/8 HP 1/4 HP
Circulating water 48L / min 85L / min
Cooling water hose 4 groups
Clean the hose team 1
Filter method Filter and sedimentation tank
Magnetic filter Optional
weight 32kg 35.4kg
size D600*W500*H270
using electric AC 220V /380V 50HZ/60Hz 3P
Machine size D980*W900*H1500mm D1020*W900*H1600mm
weight 439.5kg (220V) 445kg (220V) 541kg (220V)
446.5kg (380V) 452kg (380V) 548kg (380V)
Standard accessories Cutting blade 2, cutting fluid 4L, drainage filter, tool box (including tools) *1set