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Diamond Grinding Disc

Product Serial:France Lamplan Cameo Disk

Diamond Grinding Disc
Product Description

Grinding and polishingIt is a key step in making metallographic samples. The quality of these steps will determine and optimize the rest of the process. After the grinding is finished, the appearance of the sample must be uniform and regular, and the inherent flatness and material cannot be changed. The performance of the CAMEO grinding disc in cutting reduces the subsequent working time, thereby ensuring the inherent flatness of the sample, which is a necessary condition for the successful metallographic study.

Cameo Disk

The CAMEO DISK diamond disc can reduce the contact area with the sample, greatly reduce the grinding pressure, reduce unnecessary pressure, and greatly reduce the material structure of the sample material due to shear force. The traditional method of using water sandpaper will have many unstable factors. The current advanced method is to recommend the use of the stone disc system. Compared with the silicon carbide water sandpaper, it is not easy to cause round corners and prevent the material from forming a damaged layer.
The patented honeycomb structure can optimize the fluidity of the grinding media between the grinding disc and the sample. The grinding media is smoothly discharged during the grinding process to ensure a constant grinding force, so it is regular throughout the grinding and polishing process.
Pre-polished disc The CAMEO series of gold and silver discs are non-paste grinding discs. It can be used with the Bio Daimant pluton suspension series. It can process all types of metallographic materials. The patented CAMEO Disk makes the suspension liquid regularly distributed in each honeycomb structure, which is optimized The amount of suspended liquid used also promotes the level of sample preparation on the sample surface.

※Optional Ø diameter 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
Product Specification
Diamond grinding disc Color distinction Comparison particle size (water sandpaper) Applicable materials Cooling medium/lubricating medium
CAMEO DISK No. 0 brown P80 Suitable for hard materials
CAMEO DISK No. 1 blue P120
CAMEO DISK No. 2 green P240
CAMEO DISK No. 3 yellow P600
CAMEO DISK No. 4 red P1200

Pre-polished disc Color distinction Applicable materials Cooling medium/lubricating medium
CAMEO DISK SILVER Silver Hardness>200HV high hardness material Use 6~15m diamond suspension
CAMEO DISK GOLD Golden Grinding non-ferrous metals and soft materials Use 3-6um chisel suspended liquid

Cameo Disk diamond grinding and polishing system selection recommendation table