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Management of Electric Screw Driver

Product Serial:CD-100M

Management of Electric Screw Driver
Product Feature

SJ series measuring adapter

  • The inertial power of electric torque tools can be buffered by compressing the coil spring.
  • USB output
  • LCD display
  • Upper and lower limit can be set
  • Can store 800 data
Product Specification
model CD-100M CD-10M
Measuring range Nm 0.10~10.00 0.01~1
Kgf-cm 1.0~100.0 0.10~10.00
Ibf-in 1.0~90.0 0.10~9.00
Accuracy ±0.5% (or less than 199: ±1 digit)
Display window Digital LCD display
Measurement mode PP Maximum torque value during the test
TR Dynamic torque value/track value during the test
PD Torque value at which the load torque drops instantly
Transmission interface USB(Baud rate: 19200)
Automatic shutdown function When you stop operating any key, the power will be automatically turned off after 10 minutes
power supply Nickel-cadmium battery: 1.2V/5pcs(700mAh)
Charging/continuous use time 3 hours / 12 hours
Appearance size/weight 160(W)X125(D)X55(H)mm/1kg
For measurement specification SJ-50 SJ-10
Adapter Measuring range 0.5--5N-m 0.15--1N.m
Function (please refer to the figure below) LC, USB, PO, LO, BA


Function list

Codename function name Function description
LE High-brightness LED display LED display screen, convenient for working places where the light source is dim or insufficient, and the measured value can also be read
LC LCD display LCD display screen, save electricity energy
USB USB interface output USB: Connect to computer to store and manage related data
LH Torque setting function The torque value can be set arbitrarily and the setting value can be confirmed by using the indicator light and buzzer
MY Data storage function Maximum storage capacity: 800 data
PO Auto power off function Without continuing to operate any steps, the LCD display screen/10 minutes will automatically turn off the power respectively
LO Auto zero function The measured value will automatically return to zero after reaching the set time (setting range: 0.5-3 seconds)
BA Battery (DC) power drive device Built-in rechargeable battery (or buy a battery of the same specification generally available on the market) for continued use when the power supply is insufficient
AC AC power drive AC110-240V alternating current