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WDI Series Torque Corrector

Product Serial:WDI-10HR/100HR/250HR

WDI Series Torque Corrector
Product Description

50 years of professional manufacture of torque testing machine manufacturers to develop a new standard torque corrector
Only one can manage and verify electric screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers and torque wrenches.
There are diversified color displays for testing Not just monochromatic and monotonous

USB and RS232C output ports are available to provide data output channels for different needs.

10HR/100HR can perform high-resolution measurement at 1/10 of the general resolution

Can send various commands and clear signals from PCL or PC

Different measurement fixtures can be selected according to different measurement methods and tool characteristics

WDI Series Measurement Example

Electric screwdriver management (SJ joint method)

Through the compression spring transmission method, the traditional measurement and treatment has the charm of wide use.

Electric screwdriver management (OW joint method)

Original factory The unique rotating and self-returning jig after use, and the safe design of the small friction effect during use makes the measurement effect better.

Manual torque driver management

Use The additional screw cube jig can be used for simple screw torque measurement.

Manual torque driver management

Use The additional screw cube jig can be used for simple screw torque measurement.

For general locking force test, please select PP (Peak) mode

Manual torque wrench management

Torque wrench operation mode please Select PD (Peak Down) mode
Activate through PC and PLC
You can input various commands from PC and PLC, and get better torque management through external control.

Command list
  • Clear signal
  • Measurement mode
  • Measurement channel
  • Maximum (Peak) upper limit
  • Maximum (Peak) lower limit
  • Real-time output lower limit
  • Auto-zero time
  • Buzzer notification
Product Specification
Model WDI-10HR-□□-□ WDI-100HR-□□-□ WDI-250-SJ-□
Scope General 0.020~1.000[N-m] 0.20~10.00[N-m] 0.20~25.00[N-m]
High resolution 2.0~999.9[mN-m] 0.020~9.999[N-m]  
Scope General Kgf-cm/lbf-in/N-m/cN-m Kgf-cm/lbf-in/N-m/cN-m Kgf-cm/lbf-in/N-m/cN-m
High resolution
Accuracy ±0.5% (±3 digits below 499)
Operating temperature/humidity 15~35℃ / below 80% RH
(Storage temperature is 0 ~ 45℃ )
Sampling frequency 1000 pens / 1 second
Data output USB cable or RS232C cable (ASCII format)
Measurement mode Measurement mode Data output Description
Peak Hold PP Maximum torque value
Peak Down PD The first maximum torque value
Real Time
C Output 180 torque data per second
Track TR - Mainly used in calibration
Memory capacity Memory capacity
Using power Ni-MH rechargeable battery (charging time is about 3 hours)
Automatic shutdown Automatically shut down in 10 minutes when not in use (cancelable)
Torsion detection part hole
□20 / □9.5
Accessories (one each) Measuring fixture
Traceability system diagram, calibration certification report, calibration result report