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Torsional Strength Test

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Torsional Strength Test
Product Description
Screw strength test
Torque test
The twisting force of a product is to show its ability to resist being twisted in half. Various standards have minimum requirements for the torsion force of self-tapping screws. In this test, the screw is clamped in a tapped split collet on the torsion test tool, and then a torque wrench (torque wench) is used to apply force until the screw is twisted. If the torque does not exceed the minimum requirement, the product is not qualified. Unqualified shows that the screw is too soft or the minor diameter of the thread.
Lock test
This test is to lock the screw to a "test plate", which has a specified hardness, thickness, and hole diameter. If the screw locks the test board, but the thread is deformed, the product is not qualified. A failure indicates that the casehardening of the screw is too shallow and/or too soft.
Locking torque test
This test is only required for screws rolled by a screw. When performing the lock test, observe the maximum lock torque to the test board. If the torque exceeds the specified standard value (standard value and depending on the size of the screw and surface treatment), the product is not qualified. Unqualified indicates that the surface of the nail does not have enough lubricity, or the thread is improperly formed and requires more torque.