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Digital Torque Screwdriver

Product Serial:DID-4

DID-4 Digital Torque Screwdriver
Product Description

Torque wrench recommended digital torque screwdriver DID-4 series


  • LED 4-digit display
  • Auto Power OFF
  • The upper and lower limit values are set.
  • Battery drive
  • Measurement data memory
  • Screw counting function
  • USB output
  • one-way function

Apply to

  • Screw tightening torque test
  • Nut tightening torque test
Product Specification

Digital Torque Screwdriver

Type DID-4
Measuring range 0.020~4N.m
Precision ±0.5% (499 digit or less ± 3 digit)
Test function PP, TR, PD, C
Qualified judgment Upper and lower limits can be set (light display)
Determination direction CW-CCW (left and right direction)
Dimensions φ34(grip) x 259(L)
Standard accessories 6.35HEX Bit #1#2 each AC adaptor