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NDI Series Torque Corrector

Product Serial:NDI-80/800CN

NDI Series Torque Corrector
Product Description
  • Innovative torque corrector comes out
  • Provide electric torque screwdriver/Advanced management of manual torque wrench

Measurement time

Date and time and other information are It can be recorded, and the old data can be quickly checked when in doubt.

Quality Judgment Display

Color LCD The display screen can be easily judged by color according to the test data.

Can be controlled via PC

Connect When the cable is connected to the PC, the PC can be used to control all operations of the torque device body.

Connectable to PLC
RS232C output is also standard equipment, open I/F specification communication can be done completely through PLC to do any control you want.

Dry batteries can be used

Except for external Dry batteries can also be used in addition to the power supply, so there is no need to replace the troublesome problem of reduced life of rechargeable batteries.

Product Specification
Model NDI-80CN NDI-800CN
Scope 0.020 ~ 8.160kgf-cm 0.20 ~ 81.60 kgf-cm
0.018 ~ 7.080 lbf-m 0.18 ~ 70.80 lbf-m
2.0 ~ 800.0 mN-m 0.020 ~ 8.000 N-m
Unit Kgf-cm / lbf-m / ​​mN-m Kgf-cm / lbf-m / ​​mN-m
Accuracy ±0.5% (bits below 499 are ±3 bits)
Sampling frequency 1000 transactions per second
Measurement mode Symbols Content description
Peak Hold PP Maximum torque value
Peak Down PD The first maximum torque value
Real time output C 250 torque data output per second
Track TR Mainly used in calibration
Memory capacity 400 entries
Time Save the measurement date
Power supply Transformer (12V) / AA dry battery
Aperture of torque detection part □20 / □9.5
Accessories (one each) Measuring fixture OW-25 / OW-10 Measurement fixture OW-20 / OW-60
The cube with M2.6, M3, M4, M5 and M6 screw holes is 20x20x20mm in size
AC/DC transformer (input AC100~240V (50/60Hz), output DC12V)
USB connection (mini B type )
4 AA dry batteries
Traceability system diagram, calibration certification report, calibration result report

*Warning: Do not use percussion tools